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Tersa Planer knives – HSS – M+ (M42) & TCT

Tersa Planer knives – HSS – M+ (M42) & TCT



German HSS M42 & Genuine Swiss Tersa HSS knives are available in various size options

TCT Tersa knives also available to order. P.O.A

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German HSS M42

The HSS M42 Tersa Blade knives are made with improved cutting angle, this gives a stronger backed up cutting angle giving increased tool life over standard HSS when machining hardwoods.

These suit many types of machines including SCM, Weinig, Rojek, Sedgwick and Martin.

This alone will give increased tool life of up to 35% compared to the standard HSS knives.

Genuine Swiss Tersa HSS & M+ (M42) knives


The HSS blade is a reversible blade out of high speed steel. The HSS Tersa blade is suitable for resinous types of wood with an open cell structure.

The HSS reversible blade is the most commonly used blade.

M+ (M42)

The M+ reversible blade is a HSS blade with 8% cobalt and a custom cutting angle. This means that a M+ blade has a better resistance to wear. The M+ blade is suitable for hard types of wood with a closed cell structure.

Genuine Swiss Tersa M42+ blades are the favorite Planer Knives forthose professionals who ensure top notch quality work for their customers. Genuine Tersa Planer Knives M42 plus enable professional woodworker to deliver exceedingly good quality output. Swiss Tersa M42+ have 30% extended life.

The Genuine Swiss Tersa Knives M42 are renowned world-wide and the foremost preference of professionals for general or specific woodworking projects. These will let you give your creation an extraordinary finish. This product is available in invariable lengths. When buying an original Tersa™ Planer Blade ascertain the Tersa™ well-grooved on the body of the blade and the same is boxed in a typical cardboard case.Planer Knives M42+ has a longer life as compared to conventional ones.

Genuine Tersa M42+ Planer Knives are easy to change knives strengthened with extra toughness for additional endurance.

TCT (HW) Tersa knives

The HW blade is a tungsten carbide reversible blade. The big advantage of the HW blade is that it has an extreme durability. A HW reversible blade is suitable for hard and composite wood and therefore the blade for a high performance.

Prices shown are for a single blade including VAT.

Please make sure knives are correct and suit your machine before purchasing.

Additional Information

110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 130mm, 135mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 185mm, 190mm, 230mm, 235mm, 240mm, 260mm, 300mm, 310mm, 320mm, 350mm, 400mm, 410mm, 415mm, 430mm, 450mm, 480mm, 500mm, 510mm, 520mm, 530mm, 630mm, 635mm, 640mm, 650mm

Material type

Genuine Swiss HSS, Genuine Swiss M+ (M42), German HSS M42

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