Saw, Cutter & Tool Sharpening

Our knowledge of grinding and modern grinding machines helps us to give saws and cutters a superior cutting edge. We offer a comprehensive sharpening service for all types of saws, cutters and DIY tools.

At North East Grinding, we know how to grind saws and cutters, so we can give you a wear resistant edge that will last longer. Our wide variety of grinding machines allows us to sharpen saws and cutting tools matched to new tolerances at a competitive price. We give every piece we sharpen the personal touch based upon the condition and use of the item being sharpened.

If its got a blade or edge we can sharpen it for you!


Workshop Tools (excluding VAT)

  • Joiners Chisels: from £2.50
  • Plane Iron: £4
  • Router Cutter: £4
  • Flat Wood Bit: £1.50
  • Auger / Forstner Bit: from £2.50
  • TCT & HSS drill bits: from 50p

Household Items

  • Kitchen Knives: from £2.50
  • Scissors: from £3.50

TCT Circular Saws

  • Per tooth: 14p
  • Minimum charge: £6
  • Replacement tips: £2.80 each

Handsaw / Tenon Saw

  • Set & Sharpen: £8.50
  • Recut, Set & Sharpen: £13.50

HSS Planer Blades

  • Per inch: 30p
  • Minimum charge: £6

Please note this is only a small selection of items we sharpen.

Generous discounts available for large quantities.

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