TCT Circular Saw Blades

Top quality TCT saw blades to fit all makes and model Mitre / Chop saw machines for cutting Plastic & Aluminium


Top quality TCT saw blades to fit all makes and model Mitre / Chop saw machines for cutting Plastic & Aluminium


Triple Chip negative general purpose & fine cut plastic & aluminium blades


Top quality TCT saw blades are manufactured to fit all makes and model Mitre / Chop Saw machines for cutting Plastic & Aluminium.

Triple Chip negative general purpose & fine cut blades.

Product Range:

Dependent upon the type of sawing application and material specification, many different variants of the TCT circular saw blade are available. Alternative carbide grades and tooth geometry can be specified to best satisfy all cutting applications. Saws can cut every material from Natural / manmade boards, aluminium, steel, plastics and concrete boards and many more applications.

Tradesman / Construction range

The Tradesman range of blades offers a quality blade with an industrial finished plate at an affordable price. Designed for general purpose use this range covers most site and workshop saws and includes sawblades for every known hire machine.

Premium workshop range

Our Premium range of TCT saw blades are designed for demanding professional and workshop applications. These blades are laser cut from hardened alloy steel plate, which is then tempered and roller tensioned. The bores are laser cut to ensure precision sizing, and fine-grain tungsten carbide tips are used to give longer lasting performance and to provide the maximum number of re-sharpening.

Industrial / Production range.

A range of industrial quality, precision tungsten carbide tipped saw blades for accurate production cutting. Swedex manufactures both standard and specialised saw blades to cater for all applications. In order to meet the ever increasing demands to reduce noise levels in the workplace, Swedex manufacture low noise blades as standard.

Using different grades of carbide and stellite for different applications,  Swedex can tailor-make a saw blade to suit any demanding application our customers require. With the constantly changing market and introduction of new sawing machines,  Swedex are continually adding to our range of blades.

Additional Information
Diameter - Centre bore

150mm x 30mm, 180mm x 30mm, 182mm x 30mm, 184mm x 16mm, 184mm x 30mm, 200mm x 30mm, 210mm x 30mm, 216mm x 30mm, 250mm x 30mm, 260mm x 30mm, 300mm x 30mm, 305mm x 30mm, 350mm x 30mm, 400mm x 30mm

Number of teeth

100t Triple Chip (neg), 108t Triple Chip (neg), 120t Triple Chip (neg), 144t Triple Chip (neg), 146t Triple Chip (neg), 36t Triple Chip (neg), 42t Triple Chip (neg), 48t Triple Chip (neg), 54t Triple Chip (neg), 56t Triple Chip (neg), 60t Triple Chip (neg), 64t Triple Chip (neg), 72t Triple Chip (neg), 80t Triple Chip (neg), 84t Triple Chip (neg), 96t Triple Chip (neg)

Saw Range

Industrial / Production, Premium workshop, Tradesman / Construction

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